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About Which Susan

WHICHSUSAN is a Goddess Owned company located in Sun City, Arizona with an online store of the same name. Susan is a published author, speaker, and passionate advocate for causes that touch her spirit.


pHERpose Driven Mission

Growing up I dreamed of a career in the arts, but as life often does, things went sideways and I found myself living a very different experience than the one I had imagined.

After the end of my marriage, I found myself divorced and ready to enjoy what the future promised while laying to rest what I had left behind.

In order to support me, I obtained my real estate license and began selling residential real estate. I also embarked on a spiritual journey that led me down a magickal path that reignited my flair for creativity.



I have a passion for equal rights for women and minorities. I believe change is a necessity and it must bein with each individual not only finding, but also using their unique voice and refusing to be silenced.I also am an advocate of fair, humane treatment for those incarcerated and judged by our judicial system, often unfairly and based on things other than evidence.


I also support causes dedicated to animals.

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