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Make your Purse a
Money Magnet!

For many, a handbag is an arsenal full of items they might need for any unexpected curve balls life throws their direction.  From asprin to ziplock bags, all bases are covered.  You know who I'm talking about...those individuals who carry a bag brimming with stuff.  If you need anything, that's the person to ask. 


Then there is the other end of the spectrum.  The person who either stuffs everything they need into a pocket or use only a small billfold to carry their identification, credit cards, and some cash. 


What you decide to use is completely up to you.  Neither is better than the other HOWEVER there are some things you should think about in either case if your intetion is to manifest abundance. 

A purse or wallet holds your wealth and is a metaphor for your financial well-being. Purposeful actions related to how you use your bag gives energy to it's contents and can help increase the flow of abundance



Stuffed Wallet
This wallet or that billfold
Wallet with room for more abundance
Full Purse with money, food, bandaids, steamer, and more.jpg
Beautiful tribal design faux leather purse.  Perfect for securing your wealth

I want to know 7 actions to take to turn my bag into a MONEY MAGNET


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